Velox 2.0 – Sales

Facilitate and control the work of your commercials with this solution that will optimize the sales of your company.

Solution Description VELOX SALES

The VELOX - Sales solution has as main objective to manage visits and budgets to be sent by technicians in the field.
The software is divided into two components: Backoffice (office) and Android Application for Displaced Commercials.
Backoffice can exchange and collect existing data in your ERP.
The Android application is prepared to work from tablets to small smartphones.

Backoffice (Office)

Whenever the status is changed the color in the task scheduler changes;

Geolocation: possibility to see all the technicians or what to choose in a map like google maps;

Time map of interventions by client/equipment/action;

Immediate view of the technician report after confirmation of this completed process.

Introduction of technical assistance requests (by phone, e-mail, etc.) or created as processes arising from plans for scheduled assistance;

Scheduling of technical assistance events;

You can enter orders taking as input the customer, the equipment to watch or the technician;

Visualization in an interactive calendar and with different colors the status of each work, every technician, etc. (scheduled pending, running, finalized);

Android Application (Technicians)

Viewing Scheduled Visits;

Customer Information as well as visitor history;

Sending of Budgets via automatic email;

Introduction of the visit report (this report mirrors the paper report and replaces the report);

Possibility of sending files related to the item included in the budget;

Multiple Contacts per Client and Geolocation of the same;

PDF's and documents shared by the commercials are stored offline on the tablet for all circumstances.