Managing tasks like a titan

Description of the TitanTasks solution

The main objective of the TitanTasks solution is to control the tasks and execute by technicians on the ground.
The software is divided into two components: Backoffice (office) and Android Application for Displaced Technicians.
Backoffice can exchange and collect existing data in your ERP.
The Android application is prepared to work from tablets to small smartphones.


Each client has different specifications and with TitanTasks it's simple to integrate everything in one place to manage everything.

The power to perform multiple tasks quickly and effortlessly is a key element to your company's success.

TitanTasks simplifies some of the hard things you do in everyday work, such as reporting job status or submitting quotes.

More features


With TitanTasks it is easier to manage your customers, with simple clicks you get all the information. TitanTasks also allows integration with your email so you can send reports to your customers.

Import & Export

Start using TitanTasks by importing your information. You only need a CSV file with the data you want to import!


Automate tasks by relieving your time by having more control over your business.

Assets & Parts

Check the history and manage your assets or your customers. And control the parts used through TitanTasks. Assign parts to tasks or quotes thus keeping your company's spending stats


TitanTasks integrates InvoiceXpress to be able to issue invoices of your quotations or tasks taking into account the used parts.


Get complete reports on your tasks or quotes.

Customize Filters

Each table in TitanTasks can be customized but in quotations we can control all the work done in a period of time or even filter only the most likely quotations of acceptance.


Simple tool for making appointments for the team. This feature simplifies the process of marking tasks. Drag and drop them with ease


Create quotations fast and more engaging with our tool you can edit and add rich text to your document. That way you quotation can have all the information needed. No more notes in the email body your quotation have everything.


Get a full view of your users, customers and locations with our map.