Management of your external team with maximum efficiency and speed. Maintenance, Relay, or any external service.

Description of the OptaRoute solution

Load your list of customers and include actual parameters like timetables, service times, vehicle capacities and more.
Maximize Efficiency: With our optimization engine the capacity of your fleet can increase up to 40%
View optimized routes on the map, make quick adjustments, and redirect employees instantly.
Send directions to collaborators with a single click. The mobile application of OptaRoute is intuitive and easy to use.


Optaroute is the solution developed by FERALBYTE that allows the optimization of daily, weekly and even monthly routes. This software solves your problems in planning your fleet routes efficiently, simply and quickly.
Our optimizer takes into account several factors in solving the problem, based on the following:

Employer working hours;

Place of departure (Home, Company, Other);

Place of arrival (Home, Company, Other);

Type of vehicle: Speed limits, Road restrictions;

In addition to these factors are configured all those particular to your company so that the solution is in your image.

How it works?

The Optaroute consists mainly of 4 modules:

Routes Database - Lets you know the shortest/fastest routes between points;

Optimization Service - This is the pillar of the solution, this service is configured in the image of your company, solves the problems of route planning and returns the best solution;

Mobile Application - It provides the employees in the field with the routes to be made;

Geolocation - possibility to see all vehicles on the ground through the location of the device.

See here our presentation of the OptaRoute platform