Business Platforms

For our business and startup customers, we deliver not only mobile apps but also a web app development services. It can be a management dashboard for B2B apps, an app landing page for promotional purposes or any other kind of website to compliment their business venture.

In Feralbyte are built business platforms with various purposes where the main objective is to simplify processes and unify the company information in a specific area to streamline your work.
Taking advantage of mobile devices we make online and offline access applications in order to create the ideal tool for professional use without ruling out its ease of use.
We work in tune with existing solutions in the client, making all the information synchronous and without duplication of information or processes.
Multi-application ecosystems are also one of the solutions we implement in companies that require rapid evolution on multiple fronts, in this way we develop separately but integrated platforms with diverse functionalities.

In this way the development is faster and also streamlines the tests on the client!

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